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Are you in need of a professional biography that is concise and  creatively written, yet doesn’t read like a textbook? There is nothing more disappointing than reading about something that is interesting, but the writer fails to deliver the information well. It’s hard to process the material that you are reading if the writer is disengaging with the  reader. That is the beauty of my bio writing service. My bios are designed to automatically grab the reader’s attention with the first line. Bios are ideal  for: websites, Epk’s, social media, etc? I offer professional quality work at a discounted rate. Writing services come with a free 10 minute consultation to further address  the bio process and answer any questions that client may have.

  • The Interview Process

A brief 10 minute  telephone interview is required. The phone interview is essential because it helps to put the bio in the clients words, literally.  This is a necessary part of the bio writing process. An interview helps to give your bio a personal touch. It is easier to put your story in your words after hearing if from the source. Bios cannot be written without the interview. Conversations are recorded and discarded upon completion of bios. Audio recordings of the Interview is not for sale and will not be distributed to clients.

  • Standard Word Count

The standard word count amount for bios is up to 350 words. The biographer typically does not go over 350 words. In the event that the client wants a larger bio (negotiable), clients will be charged an additional 10 cents per word after 350 word maximum has been reached.

  • Turn around time

There is a 3 to 5 day turn around rate for all orders placed from the time of the telephone interview.

  • Payments

Cost of bios are $30.00. Your order is not officially placed until payment is received via Paypal (Link below. All Major cards are accepted) If you pay by electronic check(not recommended), your order will not be considered “placed” until your check has cleared.

  • Revisions

You bio comes with three revisions included. This means, that if you do not like your bio of feel that something is missing, it will be corrected. Revisions will only be offered for one week after client receives bio (This means that if you bio was received your completed bio on a Friday, you have until the following Friday to request your revisions)

**Revisions services will no longer be available after one week following the submission of the completed bio.  Revisions will NOT be offered on a bio that is accepted and approved by client. For future revisions after service, a rewrite service must be purchased.**

  Previous Works:

Sam Cosby

Sam Cosby began his excursion of the Arts at the age of 14. One day his mother blatantly told him, “You’re going to be a bum for the rest of your life… Pick a career”

He proved the first half of that statement wrong a couple of days later when he picked up the Bass Guitar. Within two days of getting it, he began playing. It was a wrap. His passion had found him.

In addition to being a master bassist, Sam is an all-around composer. Even though, he originally taught himself how to play the bass by ear, he studied music in college. In 2003 he earned his M.A. in music from Almeda  University. He was also a bandsman in the United States Marine Corp for 3 years. He has gone on to learn music in its many aspects. Sam has dissected music from the depth of its vibrations, to the way it plays on one’s emotions.  He particularly took a liking to Jazz.  He produced his first album, “Blue Dreams” in 2002.

Fatherhood played a pivotal role in the evolution of Sam Cosby in more than one way.  While shopping in Barnes and Noble one day, Sam’s son asked to hear a story. When Sam went to find a book, his son protested. He wanted to hear something fresh and original. He wanted to hear a story that only his dad could tell. It started off as a simple free styled story about a beetle.  The story developed more and more right before bedtime that day after. His son kept asking, “What happens next?” Ceruladons didn’t become an actual tangible piece of work until one day; his son told him that he wanted to read it as a book. Not only did he make that book, He created a whole series.

If The Matrix, The Terminator and Star Wars were to come together and create a love child, they would name it Ceruladons and his life would have the best sound track. Sam Cosby is an author, composer, devoted father, and a visionary. He is devoted to inspiring minds to think big with no limitations.

Tony Franchise

He is an all- around modern renaissance man with a keen eye. He uses film and photography to show the world his perspective. His style is classic with a contemporary twist.  Tony Franchise made his way to this human experience in the late 70′s.  He is a fusion of art and culture in visual form.  His love for photography and film wasn’t something that he found during his childhood or teenaged years. His gift found him later on in adulthood.

He was always fascinated with pictures. The funny thing about his story is, he never really played with the art of photography, even though his father had all kinds of cameras laying around the house. He picked up his first camera around 2004. Since then, he hasn’t put it down. It’s something about that eye.

Tony Franchise is originally from  Oakland, California. However, he was raised in Oklahoma. He is one of four children born to a close-knit family. He had an early example of stability and entrepreneurship in his parents. Growing up, they showed him that hard work and perseverance pays off. He is now in Atlanta doing what he loves to do: bask in his art. From an educator in the classroom to a  hott commodity on Atlanta’s multimedia scene Tony Franchise is changing the way we see things.




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